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Evaluation Department, Christmas 1973

Nigel Elgood, Terry Robson, Edna Cook, Tony Banfield, Doug Phillips, Linda Sokoloff Ian Knott, John Burton, Don Beeton, Sue, Phyl Offin, David Blyth, Ken Parks, Harold Smith, Stuart Hopkins, Geoff Robson
[Kosta Laskaris could not be located for this photograph]

Evaluation Department ca 1980

Jon Trend, Steve Lower, Gareth Ward, Alex Manderscheid, Tony Banfield, Simon Hattersley, Derek McCulloch, Graeme Everett, Andy Guthrie, +1, Steve Cork, Phil Reddick, Ray Hewett, Sue Goodwin (née Bowen)
Christine Medcalfe, Ian Knott, Geoff Robson, Phil Offin, Terry Flanagan, Derek Cornish, Stuart Hopkins, Elaine Greenwood

Jon Trend

Simon Hattersley

Gareth Ward

Andy Guthrie

Harold Smith

Edna Cook, strobing nicely

Ken Parks

Tony Banfield

Graeme Everett with 5-a-Side Team: ++, Chris Raymont, Steve Lower (front), Graeme, Andy Guthrie

Stuart Hopkins

Geoff Robson

Steve Harmon

Dave Blyth

Mick Johnson

John Elliston

June Penny enthralled by Terry Robson describing different methods of calculating uncertainty

Gareth Ward and Janet Gawthorpe demonstrate the Sira 40°C 95% RH sauna

CEGB Visit - Ken and Terry demonstrate a rack of entertaining electronic modules

CEGB Visit - Stuart calms the fear and anger of guests unfamiliar with the apparatus

HRH Duke of Kent visit - Terry Flannagan, Terry and Derek Cornish - explaining what it is

HRH Duke of Kent visit - Explaining why it doesn't work

Limit switch life test rig: 1 sec up 1 sec down.
Lab assistants reported having disturbing recurrent
dreams after tending this equipment for several weeks

Proximity switch life test rig or possibly a
very slow ultra low-voltage Wimshurst machine

Limit switch operating position test rig
brutalist art at is most functional

Limit switch operating force test rig

The Evaluation department's answer to R&D's cosmic X-Ray sensor

The thing that you turn till the thing on the other end goes click

The thing on the other end. Simple, eh? But note the pure kinematic design!

Camera catches an exciting moment during a noise test on a multiplexer (bottom right)

Sitka the House

Sandra Harris and Dorothy by the lake

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