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  • Detailed design of control systems for a district heating scheme in central London, featuring the recovery of waste heat from the London Underground ventilation system via a heat pump.
  • Controls and electrical services design for the upgrade of the district heating energy centre serving the Ethelred Estate in Lambeth, Southwest London.
  • Review of a CHP system at Eton School.


  • For Worley Parsons, feasibility study into establishing electrical and pipe services across a major development programme for the derelict Becton gasworks site in East London. Responsible for electrical, communications systems and hazard identification.
  • Establishment of a programme for testing the LV electrical systems across the Covent Garden Market Authority flower and vegetable market site in Nine Elms, Southwest London.
  • Design of a temporary builders' supply for the upgrade of TfL's mid tunnel ventilation shaft facility at Forest Road, East London.


  • Electrical specialist on team investigating tidal surge damage to a large concrete works in Northeast England, and flood damage to pumping stations and sewage treatment works in the Thames Valley.
  • Review of plant and laboratory automation systems - due diligence for a pre-feasibility study for a for a large silicon refining plant


  • Electrical/control specialist in a team investigating flood damage and reinstatement works at a tomato processing plant in Italy and a disaster recovery centre in London
  • Study of equipotential bonding and touch potential at a National Rail station with DC traction supplies
  • P&IDs and functional description for a boiler house upgrade at the Tengiz oil field, Kazakhstan
  • Outline automation, communications and CCTV systems design and costing for a minerals export facility in Africa


  • Revision of the design and site support during construction for the Green Park Station Borehole Cooling Project, McLellan /SKM for Morgan Sindall - lead engineer controls and systems engineering.
  • Appraisal of tenders for a major industrial complex in the Middle East - Level 3 & 4 automation (MES and ERP) systems, sitewide IT and communications systems.
  • Specification for upgrading the BMS system at Spencer House, London
  • Safety validation (EN ISO 13849-2) of a control panel for a plating process at Royal Mint


  • Extension of work for University of Dundee campus control system, including a high temperature hot water thermal storage scheme and integration of a new boiler
  • Scheme design for controls and communications for a new port in S America
  • Assessment of repair work to control systems and electrical installations following a fire at a paper mill in Germany


  • Completion of Green Park Station Borehole Cooling Project Stage E/F design
  • Lead engineer for University of Dundee campus boilerhouse control system upgrade, including control and instrumentation design.


  • Green Park Station Borehole Cooling Project for the TfL Cooling the Tube Programme - lead engineer for controls, systems engineering and RAMS, detailed design phase (RIBA Stage E/F)
  • Jubilee Line Mid-Tunnel Ventilation Shafts Upgrade Project for the TfL Cooling the Tube Programme - lead engineer for systems engineering and RAMS, basic design (RIBA Stage D)


  • RAMS reliability assessments for the upgrade of stations and a traction substation on the London Overground - East London Line, central section
  • Investigation of an explosion at a steelworks in Algeria and monitoring of corrective works at site on behalf of the insurers
  • Outline design for the control systems and site wide metering for the Olympics and Stratford City District Heating Scheme - two large energy centres and distribution network - in support of the Elyo-SUEZ bid to build and operate the scheme (they subsequently won the contract)


  • Engineering of interfaces, design of special control systems and modification of existing panels for a production facility for submerged arc-welded (SAW) pipes up to 25mm wall thickness and 48 inch diameter at APC
  • Review of control systems for the Whitehall District Heating Scheme
  • RAMS assessment for Baker Street Station Cooling the Tube project


  • Developer and co-author of a software tool to calculate the costs/savings in adopting BAT practice for plating shops in the UK; for DTI (Envirowise) marketed as "Platewise"
  • Investigation of an incident at a blast furnace in the USA
  • Design and engineering of interfaces for pipe mill
  • Reliability analysis of improvement options for the London Underground power supply network


  • Novel database application to handle Risk Assessment and archive common risks in various types of work environments - to assist engineers in the production of pre-tender Health and Safety Plans
  • Replacement control systems for a pipe mill for Arabian Pipes company to manufacture 48 inch SAW pipes at APC in Saudi Arabia
  • Specification and project management of control systems for a steam turbine generator installation at Pfizer's site at Sandwich, Kent


  • Control and monitoring improvements to a CHP scheme at Reading Borough Council offices
  • Assistance to Avesta Polarit, Sweden, with bid evaluation for replacement x-ray thickness and profile gauges
  • Reliability analysis of power supplies to the London Underground: revision of the calculations to take account of 5 years' changes to the network
  • PC&A for an integrated iron and steel plant in Iran: enquiry, bid evaluation and negotiations
  • Gas detection systems - part of a project to replace and decentralise boiler plant for the St Bernard's and Ealing Hospitals site in West London


  • Reliability analysis of alternative schemes for distributing power to signals equipment - with Amey, for Network Rail
  • Audit of quality & management on a major improvement project at the Avesta Steckel Mill, Sweden
  • Scheme design and functional specifications for a large submerged arc welded (SAW) pipe manufacturing facility from Mexico to be reconstructed in Saudi Arabia


  • C&I for a landfill site leachate treatment plant at Marston Vale, near Bedford
  • Studies for RailTrack on railway signalling power supply sources:
    • Reliability analysis
    • PLC software criticality study
    • Heating and ventilation
    • UPS battery technology
    • Harmonics
  • Upgrade of services for four motorway tunnels: review of controls and communications systems, for Mouchel Highways Maintenance Group


  • Review of lighting control systems at the British Library, London; followed by a specification for replacement of the system and assistance with bid evaluation.
  • Designer and CA for extension to Wandsworth Borough Council borough-wide CCTV network and CCTV scheme for a housing estate
  • Operation of data room for Due Diligence meetings with a prospective purchaser at Orb steelworks, South Wales
  • On secondment to Babtie, electrical services design of the new National Grid Dartford Cable Tunnel: included lighting, cable management, communications and a comprehensive fibre optic cable based thermal monitoring system
  • Software quality audit of SMS, Germany for Avesta-Polarit, Sweden, in connection with a major mill automation upgrade
  • Data gathering and preparation of promotional brochures for sale of a steelworks at Wöhlen in Switzerland
  • Construction of an office intranet site for McLellan - see Software CV


  • Presentations/demonstrations of the "Platewise" software tool at various venues in the UK
  • Outline design and enquiry specification for a data communication system
  • Commissioning of EPRL Westfield poultry litter fired power station
  • Detail design of flare pot water seal C&I system, for Arbre Energy wood burning power station, Eggborough, Yorks


  • Design and enquiry specification for a data communication system and SCS for a steelworks project in Abu Dhabi
  • Assessment of progress on Electrical and C&I work and witnessing of tests at Petacalco Terminal, Lazero Cardinas, Mexico
  • Feasibility study for train destination displays on twelve Piccadilly Line stations in West London
  • Database bringing together records of projects carried out by McLellan, to allow reference lists to be prepared automatically
  • Calculation of the reliability of power supplies to the London Underground; on behalf of Seeboard Powerlink
  • Factory Acceptance tests in Seville on the control system for a poultry litter fired power station at Westfield, Fife
  • FAT tests in Naples for control system for ash transportation control system for Petacalco power station
  • Software tool for calculating the costs/savings in adopting with BAT practice for plating shops; in association with the Surface Engineering Association, for DTI/ETSU, later to be upgraded as "Platewise"


  • Lender's Supervisor for the European Bank for Redevelopment (EBRD), for major steelworks development at OEMK, Starry Oskol, Russia
  • Control logic for new gallery lighting system at the British Museum
  • Study on the various options for distributing TV signals to 65 000 armed services married quarters in the UK
  • Scheme design and enquiry specification for the site-wide voice and data communications systems on a new steelworks in Bahrain
  • Database to monitor the preparation of standards documents at Railtrack plc
  • Study report "Use of Continuous Monitors for Monitoring Emissions from the Metals Industry"; Environment Agency
  • Database to handle McLellan E&I Division's client contacts
  • Due Diligence for CHP installations at Citygen, Smithfield and at a titanium plant in Yorkshire
  • Study into a coal conveying system at Petacalco power station, Mexico


  • Monitoring of automation development for Continuous Hot Slab Grinding facility at Avesta works (world first)
  • Tender assessment of automation for an in-line heat treatment facility, Degerfors works
  • Basic design of McLellan new internal computer network
  • Negotiations with contractor for supply of a new steel production facility for Al-Ezz Egypt
  • CCTV and communications for Heathrow Terminal 3 "100% Hold Baggage Screening" project
  • Independent Engineer, C&I discipline, in the development of a large coal terminal at Petacalco, Mexico.
  • Preparation of standard and procedures for electrical test equipment, for London Underground
  • Audit of the production of software by Uddeholm Technology AB for a new Steelworks Level 2 system for Avesta-Sheffield AB


  • Bimetal Line commissioning, finalising of O&M manuals and training; production tests
  • Software QA for long products mills finishing computer system for British Steel, Scunthorpe
  • Study "Application of Continuous Pollution Monitoring in the Metals Industry" for the Environment Agency
  • Specification of control and metering for a 275 kV substation at Gunawan steel works, Indonesia
  • Study to identify reasons for slow learning curve on steelworks upgrade project


  • On site design of bimetal casting line
  • Upgrade of 500 kW MF induction heaters and process gas mixing/distribution system


  • QA audits of automation software and hardware for Columbus new stainless steel complex, South Africa
  • Sofrware QA for continuous caster improvement project at British Steel, Scunthorpe
  • Design for major re-build of a bi-metal casting line at Glacier Vandervell Ltd


  • Economic analysis of alternative schemes for emergency generation for London Underground
  • HMIP Guide to Inspectors - BAT for pollution control for the non-ferrous metals industries
  • Requirements specification for a central cooling water plant at Columbus Steel, South Africa
  • Software QA for basic automation systems, continuous billet and slab casting machines at British Steel Scunthorpe
  • Mathematical models of production flow for privatisation of Siderperu, Chimbote, Peru
  • C&I design and hazardous area classification: off-gas storage and distribution for an ilmenite smelter at Namakwa Sands, South Africa
  • High level independent review of administration computer system for the Avesta-Sheffield AB


  • Audit of world-wide sales information system under development for Avesta
  • Quality Assurance procedures for Avesta AB, Hot Rolled Strip Division
  • Represented McLellan at formal opening of the Avesta Steckel Mill by King Gustav
  • Review of Mill at Avesta prior to formal handover tests
  • Inspection of sugar packing plant on the Nile for International Court of Arbitration, Geneva
  • Software QA for blast furnace re-line at British Steel Scunthorpe Works


  • Conceptual control system design for an combined-cycle plant at Pfizer, Sandwich
  • FAT and SAT of Avesta Steckel Mill control system
  • Review of Level 3 (order handling) computer system at Avesta
  • Improvements to the Plate Production Division at Avesta's Degerfors works
  • Valuation of major steelworks in Mexico prior to privatisation of the industry


  • Software QA & advice for Steckel Mill Project at Avesta
  • specification for a cooling water system at AHMSA, Mexico
  • Beers transport scheme and CIP installation at the Guinness Brewery, Park Royal


  • Evaluation of tenders for a Steckel Mill at Avesta, Sweden
  • Enquiry specification for a DRI plant, steel making facilities, continuous casting plant and bar mill at Hadeed, Saudi Arabia


  • Analysis of the fuel consumption of RAF bases in Germany
  • Bid assessment for a major upgrade of a hot strip mill at AHMSA, Mexico
  • Profitability of an aluminium extrusion plant for the Middle East
  • Improvements to production of printed circuit boards in China.


  • C&I for pollution study on a green-field steelworks site in Algeria
  • Analysis of dynamics of a large overhead travelling crane at Alcan Birmingham
  • Software QA for a continuous casting machine at British Steel Llanwern
  • Current developments in automation - internal McLellan paper
  • Modifications to a methanol recovery plant at ICI Billingham
  • Start-up monitoring at Dofasco steelworks, Ontario



  • Review of standards for symbols for P&IDs, based on best European practice
  • C&I design for the Hoogovens cooling water project



  • New Nescafe jar filling line
  • Liquid chocolate pigging system
  • Level controls for fresh ground coffee
  • Chocolate bar alignment devices
  • Various weighing systems (in-line and batch)
  • Computer-based conch sequencing scheme
  • Conveyor systems
  • Re-build of the boiler house at Hayes site (while on line) to burn spent coffee grounds
  • Installation of new telephone exchange
  • Study on dealing with toxic waste
  • Chiller compressor failures investigation
  • Fire damage loss assessment
  • Proposal for compressor condition monitoring scheme
  • Proposal for overall production control system.

 for SIRA Ltd, formerly SIRA INSTITUTE


  • Moisture controls for the ceramics and tobacco industries
  • Installation of moisture controls at a concrete works in Poole, Dorset and H&R Johnson Potteries, Stoke on Trent
  • Research into charge-coupled devices and their application to 2-dimensional imaging, later developed by others into star sensor for ESA and NASA spacecraft. Paper on CCD technology read to a Sira meeting.
  • Laboratory testing of a vast range of C&I equipment for members of SIREP (a club of major plant operators in the UK including projects for CEGB, BP, Shell)
  • Development of lab. equipment, from an early multiplexer for chart recorders to electrical noise and transient injectors for tests on modems/multiplexers
  • Stable low pressure air source for use in calibration
  • Air line dirt/grit injector for tests on pneumatic actuators and valves
  • Automatic test equipment based on PDP LSI-11 and BBC computers
  • In-house RFI test facility



  • Instrument and control panel design
  • Commissioning of H&V and boiler controls at Teddington factories



  • Lighting & special effects for plays & modern dance
  • Lighting for film-making
  • Final year university project - the theory, design and construction of a perceptron (an early neural net)


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