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SE2000 Platewise software design tool - Software design tool - estimates cost of applying best practice techniques to plating plants for compliance with IPC Regulations. Produced for the Surface Engineering Association and the DTI. Visual Basic for Excel. Design, public presentations and evaluation testing. Later responsible for upgrading the package for Envirowise as "Platewise", a more comprehensive tool for plant design.

Project management tool - for controlling and monitoring the production of documents and files. For Seeboard Powerlink and London Underground Ltd. Allows simple and effective project management and progress and status reporting. Designed and implemented/tested in stages to suit project. In Access.

PROJMAN - suite of utilities for preparing standard project management paperwork and monitoring progress of the work. Single Excel file. Increasingly adopted for new IED Group projects.

McLellan Schedule Monitoring System - for recording and analysis of production delays during the commissioning of major new plant. For Dofasco, Canada. In dBase3. Assist commissioning, maintenance of system during 5 month period; training operating personnel. Also for Avesta (Sweden), in Access. Design/build, commission, operate for an initial period

BTracker - database for tracking the development of corporate engineering standards Railtrack Excel - Design/build, test, commission; assistance with initial data entry.


Landfill gas site process model - dynamic simulation for Shanks Waste Services Ltd to determine the operating characteristics and stability of a network of compressors, pipelines, generators and flare stacks at a landfill site. Constuction test and documentation of a dynamic model with block structure graphical user interface, using VisSim. Stucture featured top-down design, working in successive layers of hidden detail.

Simulation of induction furnace discharge - algorithm which generates look-up tables, allowing a PLC to adjust tilt rate of a furnace to achieve a constant pouring rate of liquid bronze, irrespective of the angle of the furnace. For Glacier Vandervell Ltd. Constructed using Visual Basic for Excel.

Cooling water system model - simulation of flow and thermal dynamics of a hot strip mill cooling system at AHMSA, Mexico. With active mimic diagram user interface. In TurboPascal. Design, coding, testing, running with various scenarios.

Gas storage/reticulation system simulation - dynamics of operation of a site-wide off gas distribution system for a titanium smelter complex, Namakwa Sands, South Africa. Programmed in Visual Basic code. Designed, coded, tested and run with various parameters to determine gasholder capacity.

Crane dynamics - discrete-time model of long-travel motion of a 100 tonne overhead travelling crane at British Alcan, Kitts Green. Prepared in QBasic, tested and run to simulate extremes of operating conditions during production. It allowed stresses on the drive system to be visualised during use, identifying how design specifications were exceeded.

Arc furnace model - simulation of arc furnace operations using BBC Basic, QBasic, later Excel. Design based on Basic model, coded, tested and run with parameters for specific clients' data, to determine rates of wear and running costs.

Calculation of loci of points on a tilting arc furnace - to establish best shape of ducting interfaces (elephant's ears). McLellan, for steel producer. In QBasic. Design, coding, testing, running with client’s application parameters.


SNIP - a utility to cut files of extreme length generated by data logging, into shorter files suitable for translation into spreadsheet form. McLellan, for London Underground using QBasic and Excel.

GLUE - a utility for data mining massive data files - archives of reports sent to a logging printer by a steelmaking production control system over a period of several months. For Metabrasive. In QBasic and Excel. Design, code, test and run with copious data to produce succinct tables in spreadsheet form.

Reliability Analysis Utilities - Suite of programs to automate preparation of reliability calculations using IEEE Gold Book "minimum cut set" methods. Developed for Seeboard Powerlink to calculate the theoretical reliability of electrical supplies to London Underground. Upgraded for use on Railtrack and Amey Rail projects to calculate the reliability of railway signalling power supplies. Visual Basic for Excel.


McLellan Office Intranet - Intranet site providing links to the company's principal databases, procedures, typical documents and templates. Database indexing library of 2000 publications. Concept, design & testing; re-structuring/relocation of existing data; presentations to users; ongoing maintenance. In use 2003-2010. Database built using Access, website using text editor: HTML with CSS and JavaScript.

Contacts - Principal McLellan database of prospective & existing clients. - Responsible for design, testing; import of initial 1500 records in various formats ; maintenance of the system. In use 1997-2010.

JobsDone - Reference list generator. Allows rapid selection of jobs, lists them with description, value etc. for use in offers - design, VB code, maintenance.

Project and Resource Information System (PARIS) - Project tracking, spend/performance monitoring for all E&I Division projects - development, training & maintenance from 1997 until superseded in 2002.

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