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Shanks Leachate Treatment Plant




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Shanks Waste Services
Marston Vale, Stewartby, Bedford

Control and Instrumentation of a Leachate Treatment Plant

New plant, to treat leachate from the Stewartby landfill site before discharge to public sewer. The process utilised powdered activated carbon particle technology (PAC) to encourage rapid digestion of nitrates.

The control system allowed mixing/blending of different leachate streams to allow optimal use of the process.

Key plant data is measured and trended, including inflows, quantitiy in store. A full history is automatically provided of quality and quantity of water discharged from site.

SCADA terminals were provided in the control room and at the nearby landfill gas power station. A remote dialling facilty was provided for calling out personnel in the event of a fault, and remote access to the SCADA terminal allow personnel to investigate problems without having to visit site.

Shanks Leachate Treatment Plant


  • Development of technical specification
  • Requirements specification
  • Review of P&IDs and sequence diagrams
  • Review of FDS
  • Witnessing factory acceptance tests
  • Supervision of installation/commissioning
  • Witnessing site acceptance tests

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  TGR 23 Nov 2004