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Avesta Hot Slab Grinding Line

Avesta Sheffield AB
Avesta Works, Sweden, 1998

Control and Automation Systems, Slab Grinding Line

World first in-line continuous grinding facility for stainless steel slabs. Operates with slabs at temperatures of up to 900 °C, directly after continuous casting. Slabs pass under coarse & fine grinding heads, are turned over and processed on the reverse face.

The pattern of grinding is scheduled automatically according to product requirements, and to correct specific defects. Grinding wheels are replaced by robots.

Level 1 automation uses ABB PLCs. Level 2 computers provide production scheduling, pacing and tracking. The system is fully integrated with site Level 2/3 automation systems


  • Contract Review
  • Review of technical requirements and FDS
  • Software QA & technical audits during development
  • Witnessing factory acceptance tests
  • Leading multi-discipline team for an audit of the installation
  • Witnessing site acceptance tests

Avesta Bison Mascot

Avesta AB
Avesta Information Systems AB
Avesta Sheffield AB
Avesta Polarit AB

Avesta Hot Slab Grinding Line

Other projects for the Avesta Group 1990-2004

Avesta Steckel Mill

Reversing hot rolling mill for stainless steel strip. Originally designed for 300 000 kt/a, currently rolling 700 000 kt/a - a large proportion of the Avesta group's product. Responsible for:

  • Tender evaluation
  • Scheme integration with existing Level 2/3 systems
  • Review of FDS
  • Software QA
  • Witnessing factory acceptance tests
  • Audit of installation/docs before acceptance

1991 Level 3 System
Lead team to review the Level 3 (order handling) computer system at Avesta works.

1991 Degerfors Plate Production
Improvements to plate production at Degerfors Works. Assisted in formulating requirements. Drew up overviews of existing and new systems and how these could be integrated. Prepared a detailed requirements specification for upgrading of the Plate Mill controls and drive systems.

1992 Sales Information System
Audit of a project to provide software for world-wide sales information system. Lead audit team including a data processing and QA specialist to software house in Belgium.

1992 QA Procedures
Hot Rolled Strip Division Quality Assurance procedures for configuration management. Represented McLellan at the formal opening of the Steckel Mill by King Gustav.

1993 Admin System
Lead team for an independent review of key elements of an administration computer system for the Avesta-Sheffield AB, reporting back to client's management at high level.

1996 Melt Shop Study
Headed a study visit to identify reasons for slow learning curve on new steelworks project. Initiated a Delays Monitoring System.

1997 Stainless Plate Heat Treatment
Assistance with tender assessment of automation for an in-line heat treatment facility for stainless steel plate at Degerfors works. Presentation of proposed control system designs to management and workers at site.

1997 Converter Controls
Audit of the production of software by Uddeholm Technology AB for a new Steelworks Level 2 control system

2001 Steckel Mill Upgrade
Audit system/software development by SMS for an upgrade of the Steckel Mill automation

2003 Steckel Mill Upgrade
Audit of quality & management on a major improvement project at the Steckel Mill

2004 Steckel Mill Inspection
Assisted with bid evaluation for replacement x-ray gauges

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