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Arabian Pipes Company

Relocation of a 48-inch Pipe Mill
from Mexico to Saudi Arabia

The mill is a large manufacturing facility with an enclosed area for production equipment covering approx. 60 000 square metres.

Equipment - some refurbished, some newly purchased - is installed to cut steel plates to size, press them into shape (using presses of up to 29 000 metric tonnes), weld them, expand them to true circular cross-section and test them under pressure.

Automatic test equipment was provided for ultasonic and x-ray testing of pipes to meet current oil industry specifications.

Larger plant items were provided with new PLC systems with SCADA HMI as part of the upgrading process.

APC 33 000 ton Press


  • Scheme design of control systems and plant-wide Level 1 network
  • Specification of control system and SCADA monitoring system for plate & pipe transport throughout the facility, including detailed FRS
  • Specification for control systems for presses and expander
  • Tender assesssment
  • Technical liaison throughout manufacturing phase
  • Detailed design of modifications to UST and X-Ray test stations, cable schemes and schedules for test stations, presses and the mechanical expander.
  • Witnessing Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Detailed interface schematics for complete integration of the mill

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